Vegan Gnocchi

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  • 2lb of Potatoes

  • 2¼ cup all-purpose/plain Flour 


  • Bring a pot of water to the boil, tip in the potatoes and cook them for 40 minutes. To test if the potatoes are cooked, pierce them with a toothpick. You know they are ready if the pick easily passes through the center of the potatoes.

  • Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and peel them whilst they are still hot.

  • Dice the potatoes and thoroughly mash them with a fork.

  • Sift the flour onto the mashed potatoes.

  • Take a dough scraper and start cutting through the flour to mix the ingredients.

  • Mix the ingredients by hand until a rough dough is obtained. At the end of this process, the dough should be firm to the eye, soft to the touch and a bit sticky. If it is too sticky, a little more flour can be added.

  • Roll the dough into a cylindrical shape and cover it with a kitchen towel. Leave the mixture to rest for 10 minutes before moving on.

  • Once the time has elapsed, remove the towel from the dough, dust some flour onto the working surface, cut a part of the dough and roll it into a log shape.

  • Cut the shape into pieces of the desired dimension.

  • To make the gnocchi with the board, gently press and roll the piece of dough onto the wood to achieve the classic shape.

  • To proceed with the other method, dust a fork with some flour and gently press and roll each gnocchi against the fork’s prongs.

  • To cook the gnocchi, simply plunge them into salted boiling water and keep them in until they rise to the surface.

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